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Julius Smetona, F.S.A.

Julius Smetona, F.S.A.

Julius is president and founder of DeSales Associates. He holds a B.A. in music, an M.S. in operations research, and an M.S. in mathematics, all from Case Western Reserve University. He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, an Enrolled Actuary, and a member of the American Academy of Actuaries. He has been an actuary for nineteen years and his consulting experience ranges from sole proprietors to Fortune 100 class organizations.

He developed a computer model utilizing cluster sampling techniques to test-market certain product lines for a leading paint manufacturer. In addition, he worked on a queuing model to determine staffing requirements at the paint manufacturerís retail stores.

Julius created a health care forecasting model for a major bank, established a charitable gift annuity program for a Northeastern Ohio hospital, and created a statistical model for a defense contractor to analyze, control, and forecast health care expenditures.

He has written employee benefits software and has wide exposure to actuarial valuation systems. He has extensive experience applying the requirements of SFAS Nos. 87 and 132 to both qualified defined benefit plans as well as non-qualified SERP plans. In addition, he provides actuarial support under SFAS 106 to companies that provide post-retirement health care benefits and has recently submitted actuarial attestations under Medicare Part D for sponsors of post-retirement medical plans that are eligible to receive the employer subsidy beginning in 2006.

In the health insurance domain, Julius has worked in product development, pricing, capitation rate setting, and IBNR modeling. He has produced statutory rate filings and developed models to evaluate the economic impact of risk transfer arrangements.

Julius works with a wide variety of tax-qualified retirement plans, ranging from those that cover a single participant up to plans that benefit several thousand employees. His design experience includes setting up plans under traditional defined benefit or defined contribution models as well as hybrid defined benefit arrangements (cash balance or pension equity plans). In addition, he has terminated over a dozen plans, conducted the annuity bidding process for terminal funding arrangements in a plan termination context, and worked with the PBGC in distress termination situations.

In September 1995, Julius addressed the 14th Annual Treasury Management Idea Exchange, sponsored by the Northeastern Ohio Treasury Management Association. His topic was Recent Opportunities and Potential Pitfalls in Qualified and Non-Qualified Plans.

In the summer of 2003, a research paper authored by Julius on asset/liability management issues was published in the Canadian journal Institute of Insurance and Pension Research Reports.

Julius is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Statistics at Case Western Reserve University where he teaches actuarial science. In addition, he has served on the Society of Actuaries EA-2A examination committee since 2007.

Ronald A. Ray

Ron is Vice-President and Director of Information Systems. He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. While a graduate student at Case Western Reserve University, Ron was a consultant for the S.K. Wellman Corporation, where he designed and developed the hardware and software for measuring clutch plates using a laser line scanner and high precision motor/encoder. In 1981, he joined Timken Research as a Development Engineer and was involved in their Computer Integrated Manufacturing program.

In 1984, Ron was a co-founder of Conceptual Systems, Inc., where he served as Vice-President and Technical Director for 10 years. The firm consistently appeared in the Weatherhead 100. As Technical Director, Ron had oversight responsibility for Conceptual Systems' three lines of business: (1) accounts receivable for physician offices; (2) insurance claims validation and submission for hospitals; and (3) transaction processing (claims eligibility, submission, and remittance). In 1994 he founded North Coast Solutions, Inc., a software development and systems integration firm. Some of Ron's accomplishments have been the creation of the Insurance Claims Courtesy Software for Nationwide Insurance Company and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Ohio, accounts receivables systems for physician offices, financial reporting models for managed care organizations, financial claims history analysis tools for HR departments, rate quotation systems for field use by health insurance organizations, and pension and defined benefits systems.